It's all about the obstacles!

When we started our first camp in 2018 we had a very basic course just under 400 m, consisting of 15 obstacles. Though it may not sound much, combined with some steep running, it was enough to wear you out.
Before the start of the camps in 2019 we added a lot of obstacles and extended the course, so it’s now close to 800 m and have 33 obstacles. We added some technical stuff like Pegs, Climbing Grips and a Rig, so even if you’re more advanced and experienced, you’ll still get a real challenge.

We will continue to build new obstacles and make the course bigger and better… Follow us on Instagram for updates and new obstacles as they are revealed.

See you there!

1 m
1 m

Have a look at some of our obstacles:



Tire Climb

Sloth Line

Multi Rig

Climbers Rig

Rope Walk

Rock Bars

Cement Wall


Heavy Pull

Rope Climb

Atlas Rocks


Dips Walk

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