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After our start in 2018 and three successful camps in 2019 we could not wait to get started with 2020…
But due to the pandemic situation, most plans and events in 2020 was canceled. We had big hopes for an early camp in the spring of 2021, but that too had to be canceled.
Now, sadly, we’ve come to the conclusion that due to the uncertainty and risk of further restrictions, we have to cancel the camps at the end of the summer as well.

We can only look forward and hope for the possibility of new camps in 2022, more details will come…

Our camp philosophy is based on a holistic and Solution Focused approach. We think that individual development grows best in an atmosphere of caring and supporting people. We focus on smaller groups (meeting individual expectations), excellent coaches (sports academics, coaching expertise, food artists), exciting challenges (for all), and to generate sparkling moments for you as an individual, as well for the group.

Our OCR training camps are mixed levels and we will make sure to fit your needs. The structure of the camps consists of a balanced mix of running, some swimming, basic strength training and of course obstacle training. You do NOT have to be an experienced OCR athlete to participate, we will make sure that the level for each person in the group is optimized. In our previous camps we’ve had participants of all levels, from beginner to elite.

Our camps include a full package of love and care. All you have to do after you secure your spot is book a flight, pack your bags and we’ll take care of the rest. You’ll stay five nights in one of our fully equipped apartments, with full acces to our saltwater pool and lounge area.
Before, during and after a tough day of training and fun, we eat a healthy and well balanced breakfast, lunch and dinner together, family style.Wsai

2021 Camp




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Take a look what a typical day may look like…

For more information about our camps and training, and how to best prepare yourself before you go, please take a look at our FAQ below or read some of the testamonials from our previous participants. Or if you have any other questions, please contact us and we’ll get back to you.

Hear it from our previous participants
"I could go on forever, the layout, surroundings, the food! Accomodations, the OCR Quarry, the hills!! The knowledge and willingness of the crew. OCRWC we are better prepared for you now"

September 2018
"A fantastic experiance on beutiful Brac, filled with good trainings in amazing surrondings. To swim in the clear water and a great team in GoodSolution Croatia that supports, pushes and makes sure you have everything you need. I will absolutly go back!"

September 2018
"A trip to remember for the rest of your life... incredibly well-organized, warm atmosphere and a awesome crew that fixes and care for to the smallest detail! Do you want to challenge yourself, no matter the basic level, feel incredible and be boosted with energy and self-confidence so go here! My best recommendations... I will definitely go more times. "
September 2018
"I thought the set up was great, from all perspectives. Nice fellowship, good food and service. The training was well planed and adaptable to sooth the different needs and means of the participants. The housing, pool and ambience was fantastic."

August 2019
"I got what I expected and more! The Quarry was significantly more extended than I thought. Adaptable to both beginners and advanced. The cristal clear and warm water was irresistable after a run through olives and fig plantations. The house only a few 100 m from the ocean, what a view! And the food! Rich, variated and well prepared. I've been to many training camps but never felt the warm family feeling that characterized this one."
August 2019

Sneak peak from our earlier camps

2022 Camp Registration

We’re looking forward to see you next year…


The camps for 2021 canceled and we hope to return in 2022 with new camps!




For reservation and further questions:

For questions about training or preparations check out out FAQ or contact our trainers:

You’ll have access to a washer, so you don’t have to bring a set of clothes for each day. We train at least two times/day, so a min of two sets of training clothes. These should be of quick dry material and not your most precious ones. Shoes is nice to have two pairs. If you don’t mind running the second session in wet shoes, you can do with one pair. We run on all types of surfaces, asphalt, concrete, sand and stone. It’s NOT necessary to have specific OCR/trail shoes, but if you have them, use them. Otherwise a pair of normal running shoes work. Gloves is a must as the intence grip use workouts goes on and on.

The camps in April will not be as warm as the camps in August, but the sun is still strong, so bring your sunscreen. The weather in April is around 15 °C and the water is about the same, so there will be no long swims on these camps, but maybe a quick dip…

You don’t really need any cash, since credit cards are accepted almost everywhere. But better safe than sorry, cash is king!
You can exchange to Croatian Kuna at the airport

Asthma, allergies or any prescription medications you may need you have to bring.

Croatia has 220V sockets, so all chargers and electrical devices work just fine.
We don’t have very good wifi at the base camp, but if you have a EU phone operator, the surf and call charges are the same as home.


You’ll share our apartments by two or three persons, depending on circumstances.
All our apartments has aircondition, private shower and all the modern facilities.
If you’re coming together with someone you would like to share apartment with, please let us know.

We’ll eat all our meals together, family style. We start with a welcome dinner the first night and end with a farewell breakfast the last morning.
All our meals are made with fresh ingredients and balanced to give you all the energy you need to train hard, while giving you a culinary experiance as well.
If you have any food allergies or deviations, please let us know.
The tap water is safe to drink. And there’s plenty of local wine and beer if you want to treat yourself.

A side from the salt water pool and lounge area at the house, the Adriatic Sea is just a minute walk away. There you can try a SUP, snorkel and swim.
You’re welcome to use one of our bicycles and take a trip down to Sumartin for an ice cream and explore the surrondings.

We’re doing everything according to the pandemic instructions and regulations sent out to all host world wide by the Air B&B. 

We also follow closely the recommendations of the Croatian health department and tourist authorities, as well as the state department.

We will stay on point as the sitiuation develops.

Yes! If you’ve come this far, you probably are. We will do all we can to see to the needs of every individual, as well as the group. That being said, this is a training camp so a basic physical shape is required.

No! Swimming is NOT a requirement, but in the camps in August, swimming will be a part of the training.

You will not have to run more than 5 km in one stretch. Though there may be optional running that is longer. We’ll keep a pace that is good for the group. Some will run faster and take the lead, while others take a slower pace.

If you’re new to the OCR world, then building up your basic physic and grip strength is a start. Running, push ups, burpees, situps, plank, squats, lunges, pull ups. Try a climbing gym to build up your grip strenght.
If your’re more experianced, then focus on grip and upper body strength, as there will be a lot of hanging, swinging and lifting your own weight.
You can do a lot in a short time!

Depending on the seriousness and the nature of your injury, you may want to consult a doctor first. For example: If you can’t run but want to do the OCR/strenght part, then sure. But if you have bad back or a shoulder that can’t support hanging, then probably no.
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