Travel here

Travelling to Villa Puntinak is easy. You can fly to Split directly or with one connection-stop on the way. You find budget flights at, e.g. Momondo or Seat24. To give you an example: Fly to Split and preferably arrive at lunchtime or early afternoon. Take the shuttle bus (ca 8€, frequently runs every hour) from the airport straight to Split bus station just opposite the ferry terminal. Here you can take a ferry (runs regularly) direct to Supetar on Brac (55 minutes). From Supetar we either meet you and take you by car, or you take a taxi the last 30 minutes to Villa Puntinak.

An alternative is to change bus at the bus station in Split and continue to Makarska (nice bus ride ca 2 hours) and take the ferry from Makarska direct to Sumartin (55 min). Villa Puntinak is 1,8 km from the port). 

If you choose a plane that arrives in the evening or leaves early in the morning on your way home, you may decide to spend the night in great Split. There are many options for cheap and reasonable accommodation near the spectacular Diocletian palace and a lot to see.  

We advise you to choose a plane back from Split in the afternoon or evening as it takes up to 3 hours to get to the airport. But you can make it also with a plane that leaves 10.30, the earliest.

So, you have two options from Split bus station/ferry terminal:  

Alt 1. Split – Supetar – Puntinak in Selca 

Ferry from Split to Supetar – Price ca 6€, travel time ca 55 min.

Taxi from Supetar to Puntinak in Selca – Price ca 40, travel time ca 35 min. 

More info here:—supetar-eng-2019.pdf?sfvrsn=2

Alt 2. Split – Makarska – Sumartin- Puntinak in Selca

Bus from Split to Makarska – Price ca 10, travel time ca 2-3 hours.

Ferry from Makarska to Sumartin. The last ferry is 8 PM – Price ca 4, travel time ca 55 min. If you arrive at the port of Sumartin, let us know, and we will come and take you to the venue (1,8 kilometre from the ferry in Sumartin).


If you go by plane, the closest local and international airports are Split, Dubrovnik and Zadar airport. From the airport, you need to take a local bus, rent a car, or take a taxi to the ferry ports in Split or Makarska. There is also an airport on the island Brac with direct flights from a few cities in Europe (Brussels, Vienna and others, check the link below). From the airport, on Brac you can reach your accommodation by local bus or taxi.


Coming to Croatia, you will eventually come to take the Jadrolinija ferries (click the port you are embarking from and to were – either Supetar or straight to Sumartin). If you take the ferry from Split you will arrive in Supetar (ca 55 minutes), if you take the ferry from Makarska you will come straight to Sumartin (ca 55 minutes). An alternative is to hire a speedboat taxi from Split or Makarska and head straight for the shore nearest your accommodation. Ferries Split – Supetar (Brac), and Makarska – Sumartin take cars.  

Info at: 

Transportation on the island of Brac

The municipality Selca is located in the eastern part of the island of Brac, 36 kilometres from Supetar, In the municipality of Selca there are three tourist villages: Selca (including the village Puntinak), Sumartin and Povlja. Travel here is easy. Below you find the necessary links and information to local taxi and bus transportation, also distances to various villages (your final destination and accommodation). 

Goodsolution, can arrange pickup service, tell us when you arrive and we will be there (this is the most accessible and cheapest way).

There are three formal local taxi transfer providers, we also recommend Taxi Juraj. 

Taxi Sumartin +385 98 904 4246 or +385 95 527 6222 

Taxi Transfers +385 91 346 33 75 

Taxi Hope +385 91 536 74 13 

Taxi Juraj +385 95 556 91 82


There is one bus transport provider through the Island but a few routs. If you need information, we will inform you when you arrive as there is no information on the internet. 

To rent transportation: 

Rent-a-jet ski – at Zorica Jakšić +385 91 5292529

Rent-a-car + rent-a-scooter + rent-a-quad – at Rado Rent +385 92 182 1660 

Rent-a-car + rent-a-boat – at Sumartin rent +385 95 594 79 35 

Rent-a-car + rent-a-bike – at Sumartin rent +385 98 904 4246, +385 95 527 6222 

Rent-a-boat + rent-a-kayak + rent-a-pedal – at Veslo rentals +385 91 51 07 173 

Area distances:

Puntinak – Sumartin 1,8 km 

Sumartin – Selca 3,5 km 

Sumartin – Povlja 9 km 

Selca – Povlja 7 km 

Other distances: 

Selca – Bol 24 km 

Selca – Supetar 36 km 

Supetar – Bol 35 km 

Airport Split – Port Split 34 km 

Airport Split – Port Makarska 77 km